Options & Price Guide

Content DeliveredMore time = more content to buildMain event edit
& bonus features
Main event edit
& bonus features
Filming/ Editing time£115 hourly
((only filming))

£115 hourly
((only editing))

Filming + editing
£230 per hr we film
with edited content

6 hours filming
(Edits included)
12 hours filming
(Edits included)
Hosted on YoutubeYes‘If requested’‘If requested’
Digital transferYesYesYes
DroneWeather permitting
Air law permitting
From £460
From £1000
From £1500


**All video projects require a minimum booking of 2 hours (£460)**

Every business is different. Therefore every video project is unique and always tailored to your specific needs.

We require an absolute minimum of two hours to capture enough footage for a video.

Multiple visits are highly recommended when planning your filming time. For the following reasons:

  • We can cover more locations.
  • Interview more staff and clients.
  • Get a much better overview of your business and its operations.
  • This method lifts the pressure off us all time-wise. Not having to cram all our time into one day.
  • The cost is in your control as we go along at the £230 hourly rate. When you feel you have enough covered we can get on with the editing at any point in time.
  • Should you require ‘filming only’ this simply halves the hourly rate to £115 per hour we need to edit.

The Process

First Meeting & Plan of Action

We encourage a phone consultation first. It’s great to start the process with an informal discussion about you and what you need. We want to communicate & convey the heart and soul of who you are and why you love what you do for your customers.

Video Shoot

With years of experience filming all kinds of businesses and events, you can be confident we’ve seen it all. Our team also know how to make you feel at ease if you’re not confident on camera. Achieving very natural results. Keeping scripted lines and directing people to a minimum. Allowing each individual to be themselves and feel confident during the process.

Editing & Briefs

The more detailed your video brief is the better. We don’t require a point by point storyboard but a well structured list of what has to be covered is very helpful. You can trust in our skilled editing team to deliver a slick, well paced short story that always keeps the viewer engaged and is guaranteed to exceed expectations. If you have good examples of video styles you like then please sent over video links and ideas of your own. Or alternatively just leave the creative stuff to us.

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